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Re: Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

I would get a second opinion. Some doctors are way to quick to say breathing problems. My son had a rash and my sister took him to the dr as I had to work. She came by and told me the dr said he had broncitis (spelled wrong, I think) He also had a cold but, that wasn't the reason he went. They put him on antibiotic, a inhaler, and steriods. The steriods were to open up his airways. I called the dr (wasn't the one I always go to) and asked why so much. The dr said that my son would always have breathing problems and I should buy the inhaler, due to my family history. My sister told him her boys had breathing problems and my grandmother did have asthma. What she didn't tell him was that she and her dh smoked and I'm sure her boys were around it. So, he did go on the antibiotic as I did hear weezing that night and my dh wanted him on the inhaler but, we didn't do the steriods. That's a bit too much. Get a second opinion and go with your gut feeling.
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