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Re: I am appauled!!! Does this boil anyone else's butt!!

Originally Posted by Birdof1985 View Post
wow!! thats just funny. I read it to Dh and hes like "who the F would say those things"?-- we are kinda up in arms about "anti- BF" tonight due to my stupid mother tonight at easter (again its "unnatural to BF my baby and i wasnt covered up enough (meaning i didnt use a blanket even though i had a nursing shirt on)... Im getting so tired of people complaining.

this lady and my mom need a reality check that breastfeeing is BESTfeeding!
First-- thank god this was a hoax. Sad part is there are people in the world who probably really do think this way.

Second, I just had to say that I had a similar Easter/BF experience. This was my DH, whose butt I promptly wanted to kick!! He actually asked if I wanted to go into the other living room to nurse our son because his brother and his friend had just walked in!! WTF!! Are you kidding? #1 they are 20 and 21 yo, so if they haven't seen a boob yet, well I am just sorry. #2 I'm sure they can find better ones to look at than mine. #3 I have nursed all three of our kids, so why is he concerned now? I just don't get it. My s-i-l and I are both bfing (she has 8 mo twins-yay for her) and no one bats an eye anymore. I just really wanted to slap him, but all I could do in front of everyone was glare and walk away. I wore a tank under a zip up jacket just so I wouldn't expose myself too much. I am done covering up, I just don't care what people think or if they are offended. Don't look, then! Geez!!
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