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Re: Pooping help.... LOL

I know some won't agree with this but....
DS#1 REFUSED to poop on the potty. He almost had a phobia about it, like he was losing a part of his body or something, KWIM? Well, I let it ride b/c you know how it is, just thinking if you don't make a big deal out of it he'll do it on his own. He was ALMOST 3! and I just got fed up. Also there was a really great preschool/moms day out program I wanted him to attend, and he needed to be fully potty trained. He was totally ready but just refused to do it.
I had caught him sneaking around, he would try to hide when he had to go #2, and I just caught him, picked him up, and forced him to sit on his little potty. He screamed and carried on and held it in. Then he calmed down and just sat. I told him he had to sit there until he pooped(knowing that there was a poop ready). He FINALLY pooped, started crying because he did it in the potty, then he got happy. He never wore a pull up again.

Ok, I am not saying for you to duct-tape your dd to the potty chair, but I think by making him do it he overcame his fear of it.
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