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Re: Do you make your own baby food? Convince me I can.

Glad you are going to give it a go! I made all ds' food and I'm making dd's food now and I love being able to buy organic veggies and control what she is eating. Plus, if you make it, your baby gets so much more variety. For example, Gavin *loved* a ricotta w/ leek recipe - try finding that in a jar! I have the Healthy Baby Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel and love it. DH even tries to sneak bites of Claire's food. I tried Ruth Yaron's book, and didn't really like it - it was organized oddly (not by age, but by food type) which made it hard to browse for things to make (i.e. you'd have to read every section instead of just one!) Gavin was (is) a great eater, but he would absolutely refuse jarred food (when we were on vacation, I couldn't bring enough homemade for the whole trip), so I know my food tasted better! Good luck! Oh, also, we did do the ice cube tray thing, but once we got beyond purees and 1 oz. servings, I started using the round 4 oz. Rubbermaid containers - perfect size for an older baby. Just pull one out of the fridge/freezer and go!
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