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Re: Shots

Originally Posted by Velvetpage
I am not convinced that thimersol is a good idea, but I'm absolutely convinced that the diseases being vaccinated against are more of a risk than the thimersol. The reason modern western nations have such an incredibly low infant and child mortality rate can be credited to the massive vaccination programs of the last fifty years.
Ummmm, we don't have an incredibly low infant & child mortality rate. In fact, for a modern western nation, the US has an appalling rate. We are near the bottom of the list out of 33 industrialized nations, higher only than Latvia!

Also, you said measles is the disease most harmful to a pg woman - actually, it is rubella. We don't vax, but respect people's decision, based on doing your research and asking questions! If you read about the ingredients of vaccines and how little the long-term effects have been tested, but still feel your contribution to herd immunity is more important, then that's your personal choice for your family. I agree that herd immunity is good (in theory), but not at the expense of my child. I don't know *anybody* who has either contracted or been seriously ill from any of the diseases we have vaccines for (aside from chicken pox) - well, my dh had measles and my dad had measles, mumps, rubella and pertussis (whooping cough) - and let me tell you - he is absolutely the healthiest person I know! To me, that is a great advertisement for building a child's immunity naturally.
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