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Re: Those who don't vax or who delay...

Kearnan was mostly vaxed, until he developed encephalapthy after his MMR vaccine. We didn't vax after that. We also never did flu or chickenpox cause I think those are pretty stupid. I for one doubt you will find anyone whose child has had diptheria. It was pretty much done away with by the advent of proper water sanitation, it hasn't been common in many many years. It is easily treatable with antibiotics though. I personally was fuly vaxed and had pertusis. I will admit it sucked, though not as much worse as bronchitis as one would think, it just lasts a bit longer. But considering how long my seasonal allergies can last some years (months of being sick) it wasn't that bad. It did take 4 different dr's to get me diagnosed. They all said if you were fully vaxed you couldn't get it which is total bs, it isn't a very effective vax. The last one knew what it was immediately and did the test and sure enough there it was. By then I was mostly over it though. I do still have the whoop to my coughing fits when I get really sick with bronchitis. It doesn't change how the coughing feels, I am no sicker than I was before I caught WC and got bronchitis, I just sound different now. It does freak dr's out though.

Anyway back to Kearnan. He was mostly vaxed and has not had any of the so called vpd's except rotovirus. they weren't vaxing for that at the time though. Even with the vaccine the numbers for roto don't really go down because you can never actually become fully immune to it. You can get it over and over. The pedi told me that every child will have had it by age 3, I have heard elsewhere it is by age 5. Kearnan had it at around 18months. I know because that was the first time he was actually sick with a virus in his life. I remember the Dr congratulating me for nursing him so long and keeping him so healthy. It wasn't really that bad, he was sick for several days and then he was better. He was actually worse off the time dh fed him guacamole doritos. He was so sick with that it was awful. Now he did give me roto (here is the you can get it more than once thing) and I was sicker longer than he was, probably because he was still nursing at the time so he had the benefits of bm to get him well faster. I don't think it is as bad as food poisoning, or that really nasty gastro enteritis that is going around right now (that is horrible, worse than labor pains). Other than that despite his being under vaccinated and according to the drs not had enough to actually be immune (because I won't allow boosters) he hasn't caught anything, at least not noticeably. He has been exposed to CP, Pertusis, roseolla, rubella, measels, fifths disease, roto again, and who knows what else. Mostly thanks to my constantly sick and horribly over vaxed nephew. But also because I worked at a daycare for a while when he was smaller. He jsut doesn't get sick that often, not that way anyway. His illnesses tend to be his body attacking itself thanks to his multiple vaccine reactions. He has measels in his intestines that flare from time to time making him pretty sick. He did get the flu last year, but avoided bronchitis, brocolitis and strep (the fun illnesses dh got last year).

Tharen is totally vax free, and he has never had anything really. He has been exposed by the same nephew but he just doesn't get sick often. Last year he had broncolitis, it was icky but he recovered pretty fast. The only babies vaccinated against that are premies so I guess it doesn't count. He got pink eye earlier this year, and shared it with all of us, he's so nice. I am waiting for him to get roto, I know it should be coming any time. I hope I don't get it this time, I am so tired of stomach viruses and food poisoning. I can handle the respiratory illnesses, but I hate being sick to my stomach. But so far the only stomach issue he has had was food poisoning a few months ago. My brother was recently exposed to pertusis, so we will see what happens with that. He is sick right now, his son (same over vaxed nephew) has some nasty virus that he gave to my brother and they are both pretty sick, it apparently developed into a nasty case of pink eye too, but not the bacterial kind like we had that is easy to treat, the viral kind. His one eye is swollen shut and he is pretty miserable. I feel bad cause we just had itchy gunky eyes for a couple of days. He is really sick. But my brother has always been pretty sickly. He is always catching whatever goes around. Not good since his kid is the same way and gives him everything.
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