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Re: Those who don't vax or who delay...

We were delaying vaxes and my son got rubella. It wasn't anything really terrible, or horrible, but it was scary. We had put him down for a nap and he woke up with red splotches all over him, and then we thought it was an allergic reaction to something and the next morning he woke up and he was totally red. You couldn't touch him without touching a red spot. So it was a saturday and we took him to the ER they didn't know what it was, since its so rare, we ended up in an isolation room, and finally a dermatologist came to look at him and told us what it was and that he would be fine in 2 days. And he woke up 2 days later and there wasn't a spot on him. It was really weird. We've also had rotovirus, and my daughter who was always vaxed on time, she has had the flu twice. The one year we didnt get the vax she got it twice.
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