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Re: Those who don't vax or who delay...

James had respiratory problems since he was born. At 3.5 months, he was hospitalized and they told us it was Pertussis but when they actually ran the test, it wasn't. He's 20 months now and has never had a single vax, other than the respiratory problems he had when he was born, he's had one ear infection and that's it. And just for the record, he weaned from the breast around 8 months and has been in daycare off and on since he was a couple of months old and in school full time since November. DJ was vaxed up to one year but has had nothing since then. He had constant ear infections and respiratory problems as a baby but since he outgrew that, he's had no serious illnesses either and he's been in daycare pretty much full time since he was 6 weeks old (he did nurse till 19 months).
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