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dropping a feeding or age of distraction?

My Daughter is just about 10 months (corrected back to 8 and 1 week)

Here is her pattern

up to nurse
morning bottle at school (3oz) and breakfast (5oz of fruit with 4tbs ceral)
nap 9-11
I go in at 11 to nurse
she has lunch (4oz veggies, protien, starch)
a little later an afternoon bottle (3oz)
a snack (2oz of food with cereal) and at somepoint during the day another bottle (3oz)
(sometimes, she doesn't have the third bottle)
she comes home at around 4 and I nurse her as soon as we get home
then in bed around 7...nurse her again
(when she isn't sick) she'l get up 1x in the night to nurse

On weekends - it works out like this

up to nurse
nurse to nap at 9
up around 11
lunch at 12
nurse to nap at 1 or 1:30
up around 3
nurse around 4
nurse to bed

here's my question

this week, she simply will NOT nurse when I go visit her at the day care center at 11

is she dropping this feeding...should I keep trying...for how long?

or is it just too fun at school...and she is distracted?

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