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Re: The Truth about the Pocket Diaper -great article

Ok I am not a pocket maker, and I will leave tht to the professionals... LIke FF LOL....
But i am under the impression that a patnet on this type of thing is only good for 7 years. so basically she has only 1 year or so left then it becomes public knowledge. The same way that medicine only holds a patent ofr like 2 years, then there is a TON of generics. It give the maker of hte product time to capitolize and make money for inventing a new thing, but after awhile it is a daily household term, ( like for us CD mamas) and ppl will make their own and sell them.

I do not agree with the way this was worked. but it really doenst effect me personnaly. but it has effected ppl in teh CD world who are trying to stay home iwth their kdis and they have to sell a ton of diapers in order to make it happen. I was going ot use the Very baby pattern or Cuddle buns and get a cottage licence, but decided i would make my own so I dont have to pay someone over 300 per year which would force me to spend less time with my kids, so I could sew to make up the difference...
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