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Re: Breastfeeding mamas weight loss thread, Lets try this again!

Hi there!
I too am trying to get rid of my muffin top before summer!

I found this article in a magazine about trimming up/strengthening your abdomen area and it gives 5 different little exercises to do 3 times a week that I'm going to try.

A couple of them were kind of stupid to me, weren't very easy to do or just didn't feel like they were working the right part of the body so I just do the ones I feel work....

1. "Windshield Wiper" - basically you just lay on your back with your hands out to the side for balance, pull your knees up and legs bent so that your calf is parallel to the floor and rotate your legs from your left side to the floor to the right side to the floor (like a windshield wiper, duh hehe) - repeating 10 times

2. I forget the name of it, but you get your legs in the same position as the first one, only you hold a broomstick or some other object in your hands up/behind your head, palms up (I used the magazine haha) and bring it over your head to your knees while doing a sit up - hold for 2 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

3. Modified Push up - position: put the balls of your feet on the floor and position yourself like you're in a regular push up, only you don't use your hands, you use your elbows/forearms with your hands flat on the floor. Once you push yourself up into this position, you hold yourself up there for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times.

I would also like to work on the backs of my thighs, but so far the only thing I can come up with is holding my toddler on my lap while swinging on a swing. Hey, it's fun and I can definitely feel my legs getting a work out!

And I totally hear you all on eating like a pig post partum!
I'm 9 weeks and I still have been eating candies and pastries like it's no tomorrow. At least I've cut it down to cornbread and stuff like that and I don't drink soda.

Good luck everyone! I will be checking in on progress!
As of now I can't fit into my size 8 pants just yet (I was a 6 before my first daughter, then I was an 8 before my newborn son, but I refuse to go into the double digits!!!!)
I am currently 141lbs, pre-baby weight was about 135 - I am hoping I can get down to 130 or less!
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