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Re: Talk to me about mei tai's and wearing your baby!

I think it depends on the person and what they are doing which Mei Tai is more comfortable. My most comfortable Mei tai is a Freehand baby carrier Mei Tai. It is absolutely gorgeous and I can wear it for hours on end without getting uncomfortable. The only draw back is that it is a smaller bodied Mei Tai and so when ds falls asleep there is no headsupport. So my Kozy has been seeing more use. Lots of moms find the Kozy to be the most comfortable Mei tai available. They are definately sturdy. Kelley weight tested them by having her husband carry her on his back. They are canvas with a heavy decorating fabric. They have a curved head support that can be turned down for alert time, or up for sleepy time. Most people consider them to be the gold standard. I love my Kozy (see my avatar pic, I am carrying my 5yr old on my back in my Baroque Kozy in that pic). I have a Baby Hawk, and while I like it, I don't love it. It is alright comfort wise, but not as comfy as my FH or Kozy. There are so many choices for decorative fabrics, but they are light weight so they aren't going to wear as long as a kozy (not that that is necessarily a problem, unless you plan on using for a very long time). The twill they are made out of is softer at first, so definately nicer that way. They come in a regular which is about the size of a Freehand, an XT which is much taller (I have heard both ways about the XT, some love it some hate it) and the new headrest style which is what I have (also in my avatar pic). I like the headrest because it combines the small bodied carrier that i like with head support for sleeping baby. The only problem I see is that ds is already reaching the top of the headsupport at 9.5months. Which means when he hits 18 months or so the head support will be to short to work for him. I have heard alot of the same from other mom's. but right now I think it is a great compromise. And I really do love all of the pretty fabrics.

Of course there are a ton of other Mei Tais out there. Lots of good and not so good ones. They range in price from reasonable to extremely expensive. But you can always buy used which helps some. I don't know how I would get through a day without my Mei Tais though. I am as addicted to carriers as I am to cloth diapers.
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