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Smile Re: bf'ing and biting

I hear your pain. My little guy is still nursing, but it is a cautious business at times. About 7 months he started to bite too. He had "gummed" me hard a few times earlier, but with teeth it hurt. His older brother was really intense about it and one reason I weaned him earlier (14 mos).

Bean Baby still bites occassionally but has improved tremendously, especially as he is old enough to understand when I tell him "no biting, no pinching or no nummy." Of course he is also really weaning himself lately, so will soon be a non-issue.

The method that worked best for me was to take him off and and just hold him a few minutes (when he was tiny), then we would nurse again and he usually got the message. One day we did have lots of on and off, he was teething.

Also as a toddler I noticed the biting would occur if he was just BFing for fun and not really all that hungry. That can happen with younger babies too. So watch your LO while you are nursing for signs that he is finished or restless, then pop him off before he tests out those teeth again.

A LLL friend recommended the smush into the breast, but that never worked and yelling "ouch" just made him laugh.

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