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Re: Does anyone else have a bf baby with excess spit-up?

My son did the same thing...still does actually. At first, the doc said he may be overeating (said that's the most common cause for reflux) so I would cut him off. That would help for a while but it all came back. I started burping him every 3 minutes or so and that helped for a while. Then, when he wouldn't sleep well all of a sudden, I decided to finally take him in and ask about true had gotten SUPER projectile by this point. My sister's DD was a spitter so I just figured this was normal for the longest time. Once we finally got on meds, WOW, what a difference. We still have our bad days but it's better. When he gains weight, the meds have to get bumped up because they quit working. I'm rambling now...does any of that help? I'd try limiting how much he gets and burp a lot as a first measure. I didn't want to put him on meds so I tried everything that I could think of first.

Do you have a fast, heavy letdown?? That could be part of the problem. It was part of mine at first. He couldn't handle the flow so he gulped a bunch of air at the beginning of the feeding and that put air at the bottom of the belly...only later to come up with everything on top of it.

I also started sitting him up in my lap instead of laying him down. Gravity helped a lot.
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