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Re: I need help helping someone UPDATE

Wow, you are doing such a great service to this young mother. I applaued you. And as for the mother, wow how strong is she, not only is she young and has a baby but also is breastfeed.

I would call the CLC, and like other posters have said explain her circumstances. But also just remind this mother that it takes patience. Since her baby is a preemie, he will have different needs and challenges. Things will be slow to start, teaching him to use a real nipple instead of an artificial one.

Also a good thing, is to perhaps give him some of the bottle first, so he isn't so hungry, just enough to curb his appetite, so he isn't so frustrated and hungry and then offer the breast.

And offer the breast when he isn't hungry and wide awake, so he isn't battling the he wants food now. Offer the breast also when he is dozing off to sleep, he 'll be more unaware of what is going on and more likely to take the breast.

Things will be slow going at first, but he'll get the hang of it, and so will mom.

Just remind her that she is an awesome mother, praise praise praise on her part, and remind her that even though breastfeeding is natural it doesn't always come naturally and they both need to learn this new skill. Tell her that things will get easier, you promise.

You are such a great friend to her.
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