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Re: what to do when baby favors one side?

I also had the same types of trouble. I'd def. offer it to her when she's the hungriest and also try hand expressing a little out and then offering it to her. She might be waiting on the let down and it's not coming as fast as it does on the other side.

Also don't watch the clock, watch your baby. I had a REALLY hard time learning that too. My dd was 6.5 and she only nursed like 10 min total even in the beginning. Don't worry about offering both sides in the beginning if she's not eating for long times. I'd just let her suck and suck on one side and then if she's done she's done if not offer the other once you think she's finished. Many times my dd didn't even take the other side. Sometimes though she would. Umm...don't let the doctors scare you. I don't know how bfing they are but my swore they were but yet they constantly went against ANYTHING I read about bfing a baby. is a GREAT source of information as well as the forums. I used both of them a lot!!

Babies tend to sometimes gain weight slowly so don't get discouraged if she is. My dd was a VERY slow to gain BUT healthy baby. If I'd have listend to the doctors I would've probably been ff the first two weeks. Needless to say my dd is STILL very small and VERY active and VERY healthy. So please just watch the baby not the clock or the scale!!

GL momma hang in there!! It is VERY difficult those first few weeks/months but it does get easier and SOOO much more fun!!
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