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Re: *Pics* of my lil' Autism Advocate!!!

Originally Posted by Primm_n_Proper_Baby View Post
You had a combo soaker I *think.* Anytime you have hemp in a sewn in soaker in an AIO it will take longer than other options (microfiber) to dry. People put thier priorities on different aspects of dipes; some like the convenience of an AIO while others prioritize dry time and prefer AI2s. Likewise with organic hemp vs. microfiber. Just remember, I do offer a return policy that is great compared to most WAHMs. LMK!

You are so kind. I do not want to return it at all. I love my diaper and it's puzzle pieces. I just am not used to a dipe taking that long to dry. Thank you for making it and for raising for funds for a needing family.
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