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Re: Pls help me with spunky/feisty/spirited baby girl name ideas

Ruby and Scarlett both work for me, especially Scarlett. I also agree with the boy names for a girl. It is hard to think of a spunky name for a little girl that doesn't keep on sounding merely cute or little girl-ish in adulthood.

Hard to know if my idea of spunky is yours, but I thought of:

Vivian or Vivienne (reminds me of vivid)
Torey or Tori
Storm or Stormy (although I think "storm" as a word often has negative connotations too)
maybe Rain or Reign if you wanted to be really different
Scout (very spunky lead character from "To Kill a Mockingbird")
Talullah (sounds very sassy to me, both this and Scout are two of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughters)
Sally (spunky and cute. I know some people who use this as a nickname for Sarah)
Landry or Landrie
Lillith (not so feisty, but definitely strong)
Liv (for Olivia)
Lots of place names, maybe because the child's personality has to rise about the familiar meanings (Asia, London, Ireland, India)
Josie, JoJo, Jo, maybe Fina (all from Josephine)

You could also look up names that mean "fighter". There was an ER episode where the NICU nurses re-named babies to given them fighter names (an insulting concept to the parents, I think) but I think there were some Ingrids or Gertrude's in there.

ETA: Ramona
Lots of things starting with W: Wynn, Winnie, Willie (for Wilhelmina), maybe Wanda (sounds like a wild child to me)
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