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Re: Breastfeeding mamas weight loss thread, Lets try this again!


We are 10 weeks PP and I have lost 54 lbs (including the baby). I guess that means about 40lbs !!!!!!!!!!!! I gained way to much weight with this one (on top of the way too much weight I gained and never lost with my first)

I am now back down to my pre-#3preg weight. I am determined to get to my pre-all pregnancy weight. I have 35lbs to go

I have been busting my a$$ at the gym. Sometimes I work out twice a day. I have been eating extremely well. Drinking lots of water. My goals are very ambitious...but I try to lose about 5lbs a week.

In the last 5 years I havent had a really good inspiration until now. I have been away from my husband for 7 weeks. He is renovating our house in NC, while the kids and I are living with the inlaws in FL. I just want him to be shocked when he sees me, so that is how I keep pushing on.

Enough about me Good luck to all you mamas!
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