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Re: Inform me on FF/RF in carseats please..

You are so right that installation is of the utmost importance.. so glad all was well with both of you.. it's so scary isn't it? We all live and learn, that's what life is all about...
Originally Posted by SativaStarr View Post
Mama, Im glad you switched him back, but PLEASE try not to worry to much. FFing is NOT a death sentence. I also practice ERF, but recently turned my 32lb 2 yo FFing because I just couldnt get him in RFing anymore.. it was getting way to hard on me physically (I have fibromyalgia, and when it flares, it makes even caring for my kids very difficult). His seat only RF to 33 lbs, so he was very close anyways (Im sure fully dressed he exceeds 33 lbs anyways).

Back in 2002, I was 18 and driving home on the freeway (65 mph) with my best friends 9 mo daughter FF in an old Century T-shield carseat that Id bought for 2 bucks from the thrift store. Beflore y'all throw flames, I was young, childless and seriously didnt know any better. BUT the seat was installed correctly and securely with just seatbelt (this seat and my car didnt have tethers). Anyways, a deer jumped out, I slammed on the brakes, and my car spun around several times, colliding with the gaurdrail on 3 of 4 corners. I figure the car was going at least 40 at the time of impact, and the car was TOTALED. And guess what? Baby Cass emerged from that accident completely unscathed!! Well she did have a tiny mark on her shoulder from the strap because it was resting on her bare skin,but it didnt even phase her. Of course I realize I did LOTS of things wrong in this situation, but i like to share my story as a testament that FF is SAFE, and that a PROPERLY INSTALLED carseat is truely what matters.. not RF/FF or how expensive your seat is.
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