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Re: Inform me on FF/RF in carseats please..

Originally Posted by *Alabamamom* View Post
We were in a bad car accident 5 yrs ago (2003).. I guess this is why I worry so much.. I had my 3 kids with me.. My oldest dd was in the front seat by me (12), my son behind me (10) and my youngest dd in the back passenger side (8).. All of them had on their regular seat beat.. I was driving a fairly new car, a 2002 Kia Rio. It was raining hard and as I came up on a hill and curve, my car hydroplaned into the opposite lane of traffic. I hit a van head-on at 35 mph. The van was going about that speed, so it was like a 70mph impact. I only suffered a broken ankle from when the front of the car smashed in.. My dd in the front had mild whiplash, if that.. a few scratches on her face, but very minor overall. My son behind me had his arm completely broke up by his shoulder, and his seat belt cut into his belly and torn his intestines. My other daughter in the back was gushing blood from her mouth and was having seizures... She had a concussion, a collasped lung and her jaw was broken in two areas. I still remember it so well.. the panic and screaming and praying to God to please not take my babies from me. Needless to say after the surguries and hospital time, I had them BOTH in a high back booster.. I had found ones that went up to 100 lbs.. Actually from the info I'm finding, Sarah should have still been a 5-pt harness seat at that point, not a booster at all. It makes me feel guilty.. All these guidelines on the boxes aren't even fully accurate.. They say (or least back in that time) that children could sit without any aid of seats or boosters if they are at least 40lbs and 4 yrs. I did everything that was recommended by the state laws.. both of my kids in the back were well over those limits.. Sarah was 45 lbs, and Kyle was easily 80 lbs.. Yet, they were hurt so badly.. and to find out that even though I put them in boosters after for a couple years following that, they still could get seriously injured is just really disheartening.. I mean, I know with Kyle that was my only option.. but I just simply didn't know a 5-pt harness should have been used with Sarah.. she should have been in that for a good 20 lbs more. I thank God they are here and with me today.. I thank you ladies on this board in particular for informing me on all this because seriously if I was still going by what the boxes say, or my state guidelines..
That must have been incredibly scary for all of you! Im so glad that you came through this ok

In my accident, babe was fine (Thank God ).. I had some injuries, but nothing too serious. Just some back/neck issues that actually still plague me to this day but at least Im alive and fully functioning.. and yes i was wearin a seatbelt. Which is actually amazing in itself, because when i was 18 I NEVER wore one But for some odd reason that night I just had this strange feeling that I should wear it.
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