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Re: Should I call the doc?

Just got back from the peds office, since Chloe had a fever again this am. Thankfully my neighbor came along to help me out with the kids. They said that Chloe's is most likely viral but possibly could be a sinus infection. If she still has the fever on Tuesday they will draw some blood to see if her white count is up and look her over again. Good thing was - her ears looked great, not even the slightest bit red!
Corey started with the sniffles yesterday, she said it looks like its his teeth bothering him. Doc said tylenol or motrin and lots of love.

I'm giving Corey his homeopathic teething tablets and Chloe her Hylands C-plus cold to help with the cold symptoms. No school for Chloe tomorrow and possibly longer depending on the fever.
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