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Re: Does anyone else have a bf baby with excess spit-up?

wow, you mamas have given me a lot to think about. I do not think I have an oversupply, I do not think it is a let down issue, I am trying to have him eat sitting up, although it is a little harder when we need to try and stay in a semi-football hold we are also trying to burp more often, but it has always been a little hard to get one from him till the end of the feeding. He seems to be wetting fine and is gaining weight, I just get frustrated having to feed so often and clean him up! But if that is what little honey needs, then that is what I am here for. The spit-up does seem a little better the last couple days, but we will keep working on it.

Also to the mama who said he may be a little old for that one problem that requires surgery, (Sorry I should have quoted you) he was a preemie so it could have developed later, but I don't know if it is anything that serious. We do have a doctors appt next week, so if the spit-up hasn't improved using some of the ideas you mamas have given me, I will def mention it.
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