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Re: Please Read Before Posting in This Forum

I appreciate your wanting to keep it for grief, coming form this mama who has been trying several forms of fertility programs to no avail for over 2 years I understand grief and the need to want to get pregnant. I understand the depth of my soul longing and no results, I understand the feeling of being twinged with jealously every time a good Friend or family member gets pregnant and I don't, but if I were to get pregnant tomorrow, it wouldnt take away all those emotions and how I can relate to other mamas going through it.

SO to say that currently pregnant mamas shouldn't post seems a little outlandish. Maybe they have insight and maybe they can just give me hope that it will happen soon. Just because they have children and probably lots of them, seems unfair to outcast them...... Does that make sense?? Just my Seems like the rules need tweaking a lil.
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