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Re: what to do when baby favors one side?

i didnt read through all the responses
but if i understand correctly - she is latching well on one side but isnt interested in the other? Also she isnt nursing long but sometimes lets milk even fall from her mouth?

of course after seeing what she has gainned i'm sure you will know more - but in the mean time - how is her output? number of wet and dirty diapers?

my little ones both preferred one side over the other - and opposite sides at that - i'm a cup larger on one side at 13 months post partum and still nursing

personally i'd stay away from the shield if at all possible b/c they can be a pain as you well know and she is latching well on one side .... if she is gaining find and has good output i wouldnt worry about her time spent nursing

to try and even myself out i tend to start on the unfavored breast, then nurse on the favored side and then go back to the unfavored breast instead of alternating like usual - but its mostly just so i have a bra that fits both sides

you have to think too that if she's 6 something lbs she cant have a huge tummy - my midwife told us with the last that a 6 lb baby shouldnt be forced to eat as many oz per feeding as 9+ lb full term baby (mine was 36.5 wks old at birth) and the doctors gave us some awful advice and threats due to his birth size (like i had so much control over that) and jaundice (that turned out not even to be high enough for lights but i'm getting off topic)
anyhow if she is drinking well and then afterwards not swallowing milk that is already in her mouth she just sounds like she is full - its not the same as if you feel that you dont have enough for her and she still seems hungry after one side or that she isnt ever sucking and swallowing well

my first one needed to suck almost constantly and would have live literally at the breast all day long for his first 3 or 4 months old - the second ate and then didnt want to stay and hang out there - so no movie dates with dh

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