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Re: bf'ing and biting

I was just going to post the same thing- dd is almost 6 months and has recently gotten her first bottom tooth. She has always been a bit of a gummer and I have consistently taken her off the breast when she has done this- with difficulty mind you- when she clamps she clamps with power! Since this new tooth popped up 5 days ago she has bitten me numerous times. My nipples are soooo SORE! I am overly cautious with anticipation each time she nurses in fear that she will bit again- not enjoying nursing anymore- very stressful. My son was a biter as well and I quit nursing him at 7 months as he had 5 teeth and pumped till 11 months. I don't want to have to go back to pumping I hate it!

The smushing doesn't work for my dd- she just bites down harder... I have noticed she bites near the end of a feed so maybe if i cut her off before she is done this may help, its hard though as she likes to snack...
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