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Re: what to do when baby favors one side?

I didn't read all the responses, but my youngest preferred one side over the other. The only position he'd nurse in until he got bigger was football hold, and even then I had to hand express a few times to make sure the nipple was right there for him. I had a flat nipple issue, and it was much worse on one side than the other.

Also, have you taken your babe to a chiropractor? I took DS in and we found out that he had pretty severe tightness on one side, which made turning his head that way very uncomfortable for him, thereby making him prefer one side to the other. One adjustment, and he was nursing like a champ on both sides. We've been taking him for regular adjustments since he was about 6wks old, and it's been a lifesaver.

Oh, and I agree with everyone who says to stay away from the nipple shield if at all possible. I had to use one for my preemie (in conjunction with an SNS...that was fun) and it was a nightmare. She never nursed without it.
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