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Re: bf'ing and biting

Originally Posted by masonsmama View Post
Mamas, I am so saddened to hear about mamas flicking, pinching, popping, smacking, leaving lo's to cry, etc. their babies to remedy the biting. I know it is frustrating/painful....but to discipline an infant who hasn't quite made the connection between cause and effect, imo seems cruel. But then, I am not a believer in physical discipline anyway, so my opinion may be skewed. As another posters stated, babies don't bite to be cruel/hurtful, and most times aren't even aware. I nursed until ds was 14 months, CLW...and we worked through the biting....I just removed him from the breast when he bit, and was very consistent with that. It solved the problem very quickly. I am not saying this will work for other mamas, but I just hope that everyone would try methods that do not involve inflicting pain or physical consequences on their child. I know how difficult it can be....wishing you gentle, quick resolutions.
they are just babies for pete's sake!
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