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Re: Is your 1, 2 or 3 year old rear facing in the car?

Originally Posted by mommy2zander
The rule of thumb is when the top of the child's ears are over the top of the back of the carseat, they are too big for the seat.
That is only the rule for forward facing. The 1" of shell above baby's head is still the rule rear facing, whether it's in a bucket or a convertible seat.

JO et al - the height limit would be different for all seats, depending on the particular seat's size. Height is really a guideline, but weight is concrete and you can't go over it, kwim?



Nathan is ff in one vehicle and rf in the other. He's ff in dh's car because the weight limit for the Britax in his car is 20lb rf (2001 model). It's a bonus though - dh has a Kia Rio and it's LITTLE! lol In the van he's ff in his AOE, but he hates it so we're turning him back around. He is in the middle row, and his brothers are both behind him, so he can't see them anymore!
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