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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Originally Posted by Manna00
We lost our first child at 11.5 weeks at our first ultrasound (8/05)--they could not find a heartbeat and our "Bean" was measuring at 10.5 weeks old. I had no pain whatsoever, nor any other signs of a miscarriage. I've always felt this was God's tender mercy on me.

We found all of this out on a Monday, Wednesday was more bloodwork and another U/S to look for a heartbeat--by Friday I was in surgery having a D&C (my mother endured 2 of these.. she calls them a "Dust and Clean".. I suppose we find humor in all things...). It was all very tramatic--we'd been trying to concieve for 2 years; my husband had to have surgery to remove a vericose vien that was stopping the flow of sperm on the left side of "his boys."

As tramatic was it was, the day that we found out that we had lost Bean we prayed together as a family (my husband and I) and we recieved a very clear messege that this suffering would be short. I was so terrified of having to wait another 2+ years to even have another chance.

We waited a month for my cycle to return and got pregnant again in 10/05--expecting dear son July '06. This pregnancy has been very easy so far (I'm currently almost 32 weeks along).
Amanda I felt alot of comfort reading this..thank you
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