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Re: Please Read Before Posting in This Forum

It's meant as more of a guideline than a rule (although I do realize it's listed under forum rules, I will change that now). This may be opt in, I am not sure.

It's one thing if a pg mama who has dealt with infertility wants to help/ support by posting their experiences or advice. That's fine. But really there's no reason for anyone else to be here, kwim? If you've dealt with it in the past you may very well have some valuable information to pass on to others, and it's fine that you post here.

Also if seeing belly pics or signatures with pregnancy tickers is going to upset someone that much than it doesn't seem like they would be coming to Diaperswappers at all..l
We have had (and still have I am sure) people who post here who do not have children yet. And even those that do, often have a difficult time seeing babies and pregnant bellies. There are mamas here who have been ttc for a long time; there are others that have had multiple losses. This is the place to come and discuss that aspect of their lives.

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