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Re: bf'ing and biting

Originally Posted by Mamas2Hands View Post
Babies are REALLY smart when it comes to food. And if he hasn't bitten yet, don't worry too much. Teeth don't always equal biting at the breast.

Bottom teeth aren't too much the worry if you work with his latch. That little tongue should be covering them when he is working on dinner. I always had good latches from my boys when they were that little, biting usually became more an issue when they got about 8-9 months old.

They also had really strong suction, so if you need to take the little "nipper" off quickly it usually works best to slip you finger into the back part of thier mouth to break the suction. Like popping a little cork. Just try to stay calm and be consistent. Baby will figure it out very quickly.

Thanks! Sadly, we have had latch issues ever since the beginning (when they first gave him a green soothie in the hospital...lets just say I wasn't happy), so I'm not sure his tongue is always up over the gums where it is supposed to be. So far so good though, thankfully.
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