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You can nurse him 15 minutes or so before you leave, but remember to relax. You might be anxious about getting to class/giving him enough milk etc, and that may make baby anxious too. So, don't feed him as you're about to rush out of the door.
Chances are, he might be fine for 4 hours. Maybe dad could drive by your class and you could ask for a 5 minute break to nurse your baby. Depending on convenience.
Remember, he won't starve...
You could pump several 1-2 oz bottles at a time too, especially if he isn't used to a bottle. That way if he flat out refuses a larger bottle, it won't go to waste. Just store the smaller portions for next week.
How old is he? I knew a mum who would ask me to give her 6 month old BM in a regular cup instead of a bottle.

Note...never add freshly pumped BM to an existing bottle, even if it was pumped earlier that day.

Good Luck...Let us know how it goes
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