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Good luck mama you'll be ok!

You might find that he does great with DH and without the mama smell around he won't be reminded that he wants to nurse. I agree with PP 4 hours isn't too bad - but I TOTALLY understand your worries. When you haven't been gone from your babe much it is so hard. You feel like you're in a race against the clock to get home and nurse again. He will adjust and so will you. My bet is that he will be able to go without nursing during that time, and just nurse right before you leave and right when you get home. But I've been wrong before - LOTS!

I always found that pumping first thing in the morning, either during or after DSs first am feed, got me the most milk. SInce you're only needing to do this once a week, your body may not 'adapt' as it would if you were to fall into this schedule every day, so you may find yourself leaking during class as the PP said.
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