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Re: Need info On Herbs for ttc.. fertility issues.. PLEASE!!!

I'm sure there are lots of individual herbs you could take that may increase your fertility, although I'm not sure what they are so I'm not much help there. However, when I was first ttc this time I took FertilAid (I'll put a link down further, or I have part of the bottle left if you'd rather get it cheaper). I will say now (before you freak out, LOL) that the FertilAid is NOT why I am having twins, LOL!!! To tell you the truth I took it and it totally threw off my cycles, so I stopped taking it. I think I took it around month 2 or 3 of ttc and got pregnant with these two on cycle 9 - so I seriously doubt that's why I'm carrying two. I just don't want anyone to get scared away of it because of me! I've heard a lot of people swear by it, and it's pretty natural I think. It just didn't work right for me and I should have stuck with the completely natural route for getting pg.
Here is a link to where I bought mine. They have a few other natural things to help with fertility, too. That's about all I can do to help you out! I used it and it didn't work for me but a lot of people I've read about absolutely loved it. I hope this helps a little!
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