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Re: D&C Question...

My first miscarriage was natural at 7 weeks, with no warning. My second miscarriage was missed - the baby died around 8 weeks, it wasn't diagnosed until 12 weeks when we didn't hear a heartbeat at my first prenatal appointment, and an u/s showed the loss. I chose the D&C then. I wanted it to be over, and I had already been effectively waiting a month to miscarry and still felt completely pregnant, but it wasn't viable at all. I had the option to continue waiting, but I personally could not have gone to work every day and just waited for it to start.

I know both of my doctors would have allowed me to wait a week or two with another u/s check if that's what I needed to feel at peace with a decision of a D&C or wait to see if a natural miscarriage would happen.

Both are not without complications. Natural miscarriages can be incomplete and require a D&C anyway. Do what your gut tells you is the right decision for you. I'm so sorry.
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