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Re: D&C Question...

So sorry you're going through this.
From my own experiences with D&C's, it was a very easy procedure, no complications (I've had 3 of them), easy recovery, and for me personally, I liked knowing that it was over when it was over instead of having to wait around wondering when it was going to happen and worrying about it happening.
With my 1st miscarriage, there was no heartbeat on the 8 wk u/s. I waited a week and then had the D&C. I, like you, am home alone all day long with my own kids, plus I have daycare kids, and the thought of miscarrying naturally with all of these kids to care for... well, it just wasn't for me. A pathology report later confirmed that there were genetic abnormalities in the fetus.
With my 2nd miscarriage, I didn't go for my 1st appt until 11 1/2 wks. I knew that I should be that far along, but by u/s, I was only measuring 8 wks and there was no heartbeat. Since it had already been 3 wks since the baby passed and my body hadn't naturally miscarried, I went ahead and had another D&C the following week, when I should have been 12 1/2 wks along. The pathology report ended up showing that it was a partial molar pregnancy and therefore I would have never actually miscarried it on my own, so I'm glad I didn't wait longer.
My 3rd D&C was for the molar pregnancy again, because the mole had started to grow back.
All of my D&C's were 'suction' D&C's, which I don't think involve scraping and have fewer complications than traditional D&C's. Also, if you do choose a D&C, ask for twilight anesthesia. I had twilight with my 1st two and general with my 3rd and recovery from my 3rd was a lot harder than the 1st two had been. I can sort of remember sounds from being in the operating room, but definitely nothing traumatic and it's like a very distant memory.
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