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Re: cosleeping: how do yo wean them???

I started weaning my emma who was 2 when i was bot 2 months pregnant. I started by putting a bed on teh ground next to my bed and didnt let her in my bed for a week or so, then I moved her bed closer to the door every night. We were still having her fall asleep with hus in the living room though and we would put her into bed after she was fast asleep. Now we are putting her to bed very sleepy but still awake. and she stays there about 5 nights a week. For her nap she is always awake and teling me "no nap" al lthe way down the hall, but she falls asleep fast. I have never done CIO nor would I recomend it. just my I think when not everyone in the bed is happy with the situation it is time. I started whe I was preggy becaseu I didn t want her to think the baby is what made her move. ( even though that was it) But now I want her in my bed and hubby says no way. Oh well. she is 2 1/2 and is fine with sleeping on her own.
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