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Re: D&C Question...

I personally would wait before you opt for a D&C. I say this because: 1) I agree, it sounds like you would be feeling too many what-ifs should you go ahead with it right now, 2) if there is no baby, even if you start m/c on your own, I can tell you having just m/c basically a sac with a VERY little embryo that it was really not much worse than my worst period to date. I have been bleeding about a week now, and it is very heavy at times but it is manageable and I have only had to lay low at home one day when I passed the products of conception. I have gone about my life as normally as possible, and while I was ready to jump and have a D&C last week when I was told I would miscarry, I'm really glad I waited and that it happened naturally. It definitely gave me closure and I know that it was the right outcome for this pregnancy.

I don't know if that helps, but it being so early I wouldn't expect a natural m/c to be debilitating if that is your main fear. Many many many and I hope everything turns out to be nothing in the end.

ETA your hCG levels can be very telling as to whether you will m/c, i would assume they are monitoring those??
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