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Re: D&C Question...

I a so sorry that you are going through this. I would wait it out if that is where your heart is leading you.

I have had both a natural miscarriage and a D&C. I would prefer the natural miscarriage for me. I was 8 weeks along for my natural miscarriage. The major cramping and bleeding lasted about 4 hours, but then it slowed down to a heavy period like level.

I had a D&C after my second miscarriage. Like you my 8 week u/s showed a 7 week baby and no heartbeat. I went back a week later and the baby had not grown at all. I then waited 2 more weeks to see if my body would miscarry on its own. It did not, and this was right before we were flying out of town for Christmas, so I requested a D&C. My doctor would have been content to let me wait at least another couple of weeks before strongly suggesting a D&C. My D&C was done under general anesthesia and the procedure was not as bad as I anticipated. The whole experience was harder on me emotionally than my natural miscarriage though, which is why I would choose a natural miscarriage in the future. I hope this helps you!
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