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Re: The Truth about the Pocket Diaper -great article

this is interesting..and I wanted to say..I have 7 kids..all cloth diapered. The first two wore gerber prefolds with pins and rubber pants, then the third did as well..then one day I was shopping in marshall's( not sure if that is only a local brands for less? anyway, found two bags of diapers that had velcro and a pocket for stuffers..and they had a waterproof cover..I had never seen anything like it! They were Duckhead soon as I saw the pic I remembered them exactly! So weird..this was in 1993...they did not work well and they wicked constantly so I got rid of them and went back to pins and rubber pants thru the next 2 babies..and with number 6 4 years ago rediscovered the fitted it is true that pockets existed long ago..i used them! Wish I still had some, but I got rid of them at a yard sale! I would love to look them over...I make my own pockets quite often now and would love to sell them but cannot afford a license, went thru that with honeyBoy and Cuddlebuns and i never really made a profit!

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