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Re: D&C Question...

I don't have any experience with a D&C, but do with a natural M/C. I was about 8-8.5 weeks along with my first child, when I felt heavy period-like cramping and then started bleeding like the first heavy day of a period. Surprising considering I thought I was pregnant and definitely didn't expect it, but not any worse than a heavy period. Called my then fiance' and went to the hospital. There they confirmed by U/S that there was no heartbeat and mostly just an empty sac and sent me home, where I continued to basically have a heavier than normal period for the next 2-3 days. I did conceive my DD on the very next ovulation and I've heard that it's harder to get pregnant after a D&C than after a natural M/C, assuming it was complete. There's also heightened fertility after a natural M/C which is something to consider if you'd like to get pregnant again soon. I would personally wait to see if your body will do what it should naturally, as that has to be better for your body than medical intervention unless it becomes necessary. Hugs to you and good vibes being sent your way that the U/S tech was just blind.

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