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Re: D&C Question...

I've had 2 D&C's. The first was at 10 weeks and the baby did not have a heartbeat and then the second the baby was at 6weeks and it did have a heartbeat but very slow. We waited a week and by then it had stopped. I couldn't handle miscarrying on my own b/c it was just too devastating on my husband and I. If you feel they might have the dates wrong then wait but otherwise I strongly encourage you to do what your heart says. Everyone is different and some can handle natural miscarriages. Personally I couldn't because I just needed my nightmare to end immediately and waiting on my body to do it naturally just wasn't an option. I'm sorry you are having to experience this. I'll keep you in my prayers! On a side note my D&C's both went very well and I had zero problems afterwards. I had some light bleeding but nothing more than a period and just cramping the first day. The hardest thing for me was the emotional part. We don't have any children so to lose babies back to back was just very hard on us, but it's hard no matter what. ((HUGS))!
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