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Re: D&C Question...

Originally Posted by stayinhomewithmy3 View Post

With my 2nd miscarriage, I didn't go for my 1st appt until 11 1/2 wks. I knew that I should be that far along, but by u/s, I was only measuring 8 wks and there was no heartbeat. Since it had already been 3 wks since the baby passed and my body hadn't naturally miscarried, I went ahead and had another D&C the following week, when I should have been 12 1/2 wks along. The pathology report ended up showing that it was a partial molar pregnancy and therefore I would have never actually miscarried it on my own, so I'm glad I didn't wait longer.
My 3rd D&C was for the molar pregnancy again, because the mole had started to grow back.
I could have written this. I went in at 12 weeks and they couldn't find a HB and baby measured 9 weeks. (We knew the dates weren't off because the baby had measured fine with a HB around 7 weeks.) Because, I was farther along (I did have a natural m/c at 7 weeks for my first pg and that was 15 min on the toilet and then just a super heavy period. It hurt, but nothing too horrible to bear.) and it was so obvious the baby had passed and my body was still holding onto him/her, we chose the suction D&C. I ended up having another one later due to it being a partial molar pg and the tissue growing back. After the first D&C, I woke up and told DH I wished I could have my period like that. I mean, I went to sleep and woke up and it was all over and I felt great from the pain meds.

I do think that since you are this early and feeling this torn about it, waiting a week or two before committing to a D&C would be best. If you do m/c naturally, you will be able to handle it fine. God never gives us more than we can handle.
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