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Re: how to wash wool

I use a wool wash bar....Copied this from Sudz n Dudz website

Organic Wool Wash Bar:

To wash your wool, run tepid water over the bar into your sink, washing machine, or wash-bucket. If you like bubbles (not necessary, but FUN!), rub the bar between your hands to create a lather. The water will appear milky and will have a film on the topÖthatís the lanolin. Soak, swirl, or swish your wool cover or soaker in the water and let it rest as long as you like. You may rub the bar GENTLY on any stains before washing. You may rinse the cover but it is not necessary. Rinsing in cooler water (but not cold) is best so you do not wash away the lanolin.

Store in a cool, dry place. (NOT in a Ziploc on top of your dryer!) I recommend using some sort of dish or rack that will allow air to circulate around the bar. When you use a bar of soap that is allowed to completely dry between uses, you prolong the life of the soap and eliminate waste. Do not leave the bar in the wash water to soak with the wool or allow it to be agitated in the washer.
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