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Early Miscarriage signs (TMI)

Ok I am beginning to think that I am having a very early miscarriage. Wondering if it sounds that way to anyone else.
Here is a run down of a "normal" AF - (little crampy on the first few days)
Day 1 light to med flow
day 2 very heavy ( like empty the diva 3 or 4 times) (clotty)
day 3 not as heavy and slowing
day 4 NOTHING for like 12-18 hours (weird I know)
day 5 Heavy again for like 8 hours (2 divas) then tapering to light to med
day 6 spot (brownish)
day 7 spot to gone. (again brownish)

Well here is this cycle from H*ll (mind you not one single cramp)

day 1 med to heavy
day 2 very heavy (same as above) with tons of clots
day 3 still really heavy and with tons of clots (sorry)
day 4 heavy still real clotty
day 5 light to med
day 6 back to heavy clotty
day 7 med
day 8 (today) light and bright red showing no signs of stopping.

I have an appt with my OB on Thursday for other problems and wondering if I should mention it to him. Is there anything that he can check to find out?

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