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i may never sleep again

this baby waits until i turn out the lights and close my eyes to start playing in there. she rolls, flips, kicks, punches, elbows. etc. I can lay in bed for a couple hours winding down in the evening reading or watching tv. the second i decide to sleep its over! i got 2 hours last night and 2 more this morning after dh went to work, before my dog woke me up. he gets ansy in the mornings as soon as he knows i "should" be awake and does the job for me if i havent roused. he climbs in bed with me once DH leaves and precedes to harass me when he is done sleeping. i then got a call from a telemarketer, automated of course, at 8:30 am, alerting me that if i am between the ages of 45 and 65 they would like to talk to me about burial options. are you kidding? and DH wonders why i leave the ringer on silent 95% of the time. so between DHs alarm, the phone, baby, and dog, I may as well stick to daytime napping... but just look at these faces... how can you be angry?
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