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Re: anyone in 3rd trimester with a toddler?

I am, I am....and I have very little patience, as well. My dd is 2.75yo and I find myself getting angry with her much more quickly than I did before the third trimester started. I'm tired, grumpy, sore, and a big old meany.

What I have just very recently started doing is just taking her outside - we've both been cooped up all winter and while it's still wet outside, it's warm enough for her to play, and when she's outside, she can't be climbing the cpuch and divebombing me, she can't be turning the end table into a dog cage and continually knocking the lamp behind it into the wall, she can't be testing the strength of the real dog cage by climbing on it, she can't be begging to watch max and ruby (shudder), she can't be whining over getting milk instead of juice, she can't be spilling milk on the couch.....she plays, nicely, outside, and is happy with me sitting there watching her. She runs up for hugs, then dashes away. I do believe going outside is going to save us both for the next several weeks.
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