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Re: anyone in 3rd trimester with a toddler?

yup, my daughter is 3 and our second daughter will be 2 next month, and i'm due in july. husband's deployed so yes i do feel crabby sometimes, usually at certain parts of the day. when i'm hungry, light headed, or when they're hungry or tired.

some days are better than others, actually lately like posted above, i find that on nice days and we spend most of it outside are the days that are good. of course by the time we come in and make dinner and get bathed i get frustrated because it feels like it takes forever to get our night time routine done. but i think it's a mixture of the toddler acting up and the hormones of pregnancy, my patience is shorter when i'm pregnant. but at least we can acknowledge it and try to take a deep breath when we feel tense.
i've pretty much come to terms that our older daughter will always be stubborn and fiesty. the younger one is just about to turn two and while she hasn't quite hit the terrible stage yet, she's getting much more active and independent lately. i just sort of go with it, but yes a lot of the time i feel like my patience is low.
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