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Re: anyone in 3rd trimester with a toddler?

I'm 35 wks and ds is 18 mo. I wish he would still take two naps. DH has been working ALL the time, so from the time DS gets up in the morning until the time he goes to sleep I am alone with him. Going outside is great, except that means I have to chase him all over the place (no fence)

I think I'm getting frustrated bc I'm just ready to be done. Like, I feel that if I just wasn't uncomfortable fat and unable to move, it wouldn't be so bad, kwim?? Somedays I think, what have we gotten ourselves into...and then I see a set of kids who are 3 and 18 mo. and they play so nicely together!! And I think that is why we did this!

IDK, it's hard to tell what we crazies are thinking this late in our pregnancies!
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